Dymo LabelWriter Wireless - Printing Issues (Flashing Lights, Label Jams, Print Quality)


Printer Issues

The following are solutions to some common issues you may encounter while working with the label printer.

Power Status Light Flashing

If the power status light is flashing, the problem could be one of the following:

  • No labels - The label roll is out of labels or there is no label roll inserted. Always use authentic DYMO labels.
  • Overheated print head - Turn the printer off and wait 3-5 minutes before turning the printer on again.
  • System error - Turn the printer off and then on again. If none of the other issues above correct the problem

Clearing Label Jams

To clear labels that have become jammed in the printer

  1. Tear off any labels that have already fed through the printer.
  2. Press the label release lever forward and pull the jammed label out of the label exit slot.

Correcting Poor Print Quality

Poor print quality is most frequently caused by one of the following:

  • An old roll of labels
  • Labels made by a manufacturer other than DYMO
  • Labels where the thermal coating has been compromised
  • A dirty print head

First, make sure you are using DYMO-branded labels. Do not use third-party labels because the thermal coating on other labels has a different sensitivity than DYMO-branded labels. Also, the perforated holes between the labels made by other manufacturers are frequently not detectable by LabelWriter printers.

If the print quality becomes faint, small dots of white appear scattered through the printed characters, or light and dark patches of printing appear, you are probably using a faulty roll of labels. Try using a different roll from a fresh box. If the second roll prints correctly, the problem is with the first roll of labels.

Another possibility is that the LabelWriter print head needs cleaning. See Caring for Your Printer on page 21 for information about cleaning the label path with a LabelWriter cleaning card.

If you are having problems with your Dymo Labelwriter Wireless printer please go to www.dymo.com and contact Dymo Technical Support.