Dymo LabelWriter Wireless - LabelWriter Labels

About Labels

DYMO LabelWriter Wireless printers use advanced thermal printing technology to print on specially treated, heat-sensitive labels. This means you will never have to replace toner, ink cartridges, or a ribbon to print labels.

DYMO’s warranty does not cover malfunction or damage that may be caused by the use of labels other than DYMO-branded labels. Because DYMO LabelWriter printers use thermal printing technology, you must use specially designed and manufactured labels. The thermal coatings used on labels other than DYMO branded labels may not be compatible, and may provide unsatisfactory printing or cause the printer to malfunction.

How long your labels will last depends on how the labels are used. Thermal paper labels, such as those printed by the LabelWriter printer, are susceptible to fading in two ways:

  • Exposure to direct sunlight, to fluorescent light for an extended period of time, or to extreme heat will cause fading.
  • Contact with plasticizers (for example, labels placed on plastic ring binders) will cause fading.

In the original packaging, the shelf life for LabelWriter labels is 18 months. When labels are used for short-term applications (envelopes, packages, and so on), fading is not a problem. When labels are used to label files in a file cabinet, fading is very gradual over many years. Labels applied to the edge of a notebook that is then placed on a shelf in the sun will show signs of fading within a few months.

To prolong label life when labels are not in use, store the labels in a cool, dry place and in the black bag in which they were originally packaged.

Ordering Labels

DYMO offers a full range of labels for the LabelWriter printer, including labels suited for addressing envelopes, shipping packages, naming file folders, labeling all sorts of media, printing name badges, and much more. A complete listing can be found at the Dymo Shop.