Dymo LabelWriter Wireless - Getting a WPS Pin Code


Getting a WPS Pin Code

Some router models support WPS but require a pin code.

To connect using a WPS pin code

  1. Log in to the Web Configuration utility.  See Accessing the Web Configuration Utility on page 15.
  2. From the menu, click WPS.
  3. Click Get pin code.  A unique 8-digit pin code displays, the wireless status light will blink, and a two minute count down begins showing the time you have to connect the printer to your router.
  4. Enter the pin code in your router’s settings within the time left to connect. Refer to your router’s documentation for where to enter the pin code.

Seth Ale
21 February 2023  |  14:55

im trying to connect my 450 twin turbo to our network wondering if you can get my any walk threw or pointers ive tryed seaching everywhere but nothing on it and it does not have a wps on the side of it

21 February 2023  |  19:29

The twin turbo is a USB printer, it has no network functionality.