Dymo LabelManager 280 - LCD Display and Keypad Explanation

Getting to Know the Label Maker

Become familiar with the location of the feature and function keys on your label maker. Refer to Figure 1. The following sections describe each feature in detail.


The power button turns the power on and off. After two minutes of inactivity, the power is switched off automatically.

When the power is switched off either manually or automatically, the label text and style settings for the last label are remembered and displayed when the power is turned back on.

LCD Display

With DYMO’s exclusive graphical display, most of the formatting you add is visible instantly.

Feature indicators along the top and side of the LCD display appear in black to indicate when a feature is selected.

Navigation Keys

You can navigate through menu selections using the navigation keys (18): You then press OK (19) to make a selection. You can also review and edit your label using the navigation keys.


Pressing cancel/back (9) exits a menu without making a selection.


Pressing backspace (13) removes the character to the left of the cursor.

Caps Mode

Pressing Caps (16) toggles capitalisation on or off. When Caps mode is on, all letters that you enter are capitalised. The default setting is Caps mode on. When Caps mode is off, all letters appear in lowercase.

New Label/Clear

The new label/clear (20) key gives you the option to clear the label text and keep the formatting, or to clear both the text and the formatting.

Text Size

Pressing text size (23) changes the size of the label text, the current text size is displayed on the LCD display.

Format Keys

Pressing (24), I (5), or U (6) toggles bold, italic, and underline on or off.

Vertical Text

Pressing ABC (7) toggles vertical text on or off.


Pressing MENU displays the Format, Insert, Open, and Settings tabs. Use the options on these tabs to change the label appearance, insert clip art and symbols, open saved text and labels, and change the printer settings.