Dymo Label is not listed in Dymo Label Software


While all labels sold by DYMO are supported in DLS, some are not listed by their part numbers.

Selecting the Appropriate Label File in DLS 7

  • Find the dimensions of the labels you are currently using with the LabelWriter. This information can be found on the packaging the labels came in.
  • Open DLS, click File, select New and choose the corresponding label file from the list. The dimensions of the label you select from this list should match the dimensions listed on the packaging.

Selecting the Appropriate Label File in DLS 8

  • Find the dimensions of the labels you are currently using with the LabelWriter. This information can be found on the packaging the labels came in.
  • Open DLS, click the Label tab, select All Labels Types from the dropdown menu, then locate your label by the size.

Once you have selected the appropriate label, click File, select Save As and give the label file a name. Once saved, it will appear under the Label Files drop-down menu for future use.

Please also note that some labels may be newer than your version of software in which case they will not be listed at all.  To fix this simply upgrade to the latest version of Dymo Label Software.

These Dymo labels in particular are quite new:

DYMO S0929100 Non-Adhesive Appointment / Name Badge Cards
DYMO S0929110 Non-Adhesive Large Name Badge Cards
DYMO S0929120 Square Multipurpose Labels
DYMO S0904980 Extra Large Shipping Labels
DYMO S0947420 Large Shipping Labels - Jumbo Rolls

Update: It is not possible to create custom sizes within DLS

Update: If you are still unable to find your label in the DLS please contact Dymo Technical Support at www.dymo.com

06 February 2017  |  19:02

Using version 8 but label size is not listed. No guidance on how to fix it.

Tech Support
07 February 2017  |  8:10

What is the label size and Part Number?

07 February 2017  |  14:26

Same here.
Working with latest version 8.51.1816
Label ID : 11355
Size 19 x 51mm

Why not inplement the label IDnumbers in the selectable labels?

07 February 2017  |  15:21

I'm looking at 8.5 right now and the 19 x 51mm are there in the list, 3rd from the bottom when showing "all label types".

09 January 2019  |  8:15

Working with
Label ID 11355 (19x51) is missing as well.
I have searched the complete list.
It is not the 3rd last from the bottom either. This is a 57x57 CD label...

Why is there no function to simply create new label formats?
Locking the formats the way it is seems pretty kindergarten style.
(It pushes Dymo software a bit up on the black list though....)

09 January 2019  |  9:44

Could not find a label on the label list in Version 8.7.0.
The problem is solved:

The list of available labels depends on the Language and Country settings of the DLS software.

So choosing "Swedish" and "Sweden" (as my default) the item #11355 is not found in the list (even though the label is sold here).
Selecting "English" and "UK" the label pops miraculously up (at the 3rd place from bottom as indicated before and it is named "Large Return Address").
Selecting "German" and "Germany" the label pops up at the 3rd place from the top and its name is "Versand".

So "All labels" are not "All labels" after all.

A proposal would be to sort the labels after their item number and to have an option where All labels really means all.

02 March 2017  |  21:09

I am looking for a label file for a DYMO label sized as follows.
31.75mm X 111.00mm or
1.25" X 4.375"

03 March 2017  |  8:19

Pretty sure that is not a valid Dymo label size, at least not in this country. What is the Dymo part number?