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If you have any problems or questions regarding the SDK, please contact Dymo directly -

DYMO Label SDK 8.3.1 Release Notes

December 1st, 2011

What's New

64-bit Support

Now you can use the SDK from 64-bit processes, e.g. Internet Explorer 64-bit. The only thing to do is to recompile your application to be 64-bit, no need to change any code.

New DYMO Label Framework API

Starting this introduces a new API - the DYMO Label Framework. It provides a simpler streamlined interface for printing labels.

Major Features

  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.
  • Support for Tape printers. Now you can use the same simple API to print on Tape printers as for printing on LabelWriter printers. All you need to do is to design a Tape label in DLS, load it in your application and print.
  • Native .NET support. The Framework provides native .NET support. There is no need to use COM-Interop anymore. Features available in .NET such as indexed properties, enumerators, etc are used to provide an API that is easier to use.
  • COM support. Microsoft COM is supported as well, similar to current SDK.
  • Consolidated High and Low Level API. The Framework combines the current high-level and low-level APIs into a single API. Now there is no need to switch between APIs if you need some advanced functionality not available in high-level API.
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform JavaScript library - see below.

DYMO Label Framework JavaScript Library

To simplify using DYMO Label SDK from web-based application we created a JavaScript library that abstracts browser and platform details for accessing DLS SDK from JavaScript. Now you can use the same JavaScript code to add printing support for any browser the SDK supports. Currently supported browsers are:

  • On Windows: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome , Opera , Safari
  • On Mac: Safari, Firefox, chrome, Opera

Major Features

  • Simple cross-browser and cross-platform API
  • Ability to load and print a label from: a web server, the local file system, or construct on the fly in JavaScript
  • Ability to load images from the server or from local file system
  • Ability to print multiple labels at once

Samples are available on "DYMO Label Framework/Samples/JavaScript" subfolder of the root SDK installation folder.

SDK Installation

The SDK libraries are installed by the DYMO Label 8.3.x installer. It installs BOTH the DLS SDK (32 and 64 bit) and the new DYMO Label Framework along with drivers and the DYMO Label application.

SDK Documentation and Samples

See the DYMO Label SDK installer for docs and samples.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the SDK, please contact Dymo directly -

Roger Alcindor
02 October 2015  |  18:18

No SDK (Page not found) on your link

Tech Support
07 January 2016  |  9:38

Link fixed.

Willem Luijk
22 June 2020  |  15:22

Hi guys,

Since 8.0 the JobTitle property of the LabelWriterPrintParams class in the DYMO.Label.Framework does no longer appear in the windows printmanager as the job description. A little annoying because then you dont know what job to delete when something goes wrong. Can you fix that?

22 June 2020  |  15:34

Please contact Dymo (