Download: Dymo SDK for CardScan


Dymo Cardscan SDK

The CardScan SDK is CardScans software developer's kit for application developers. The kit consists of documentation, sample programs and dynamic-link libraries for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It offers access to the same advanced technology to read business cards that CardScan provides to end-users. It also enables 3rd-party applications to read and manipulate CardScan files.

Using the SDK you can control the CardScan scanner, acquire card images, process them one at a time or in batch, and retrieve the results sorted into fields like Name, Title, Company, Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code.

There are many potential applications for the CardScan SDK but they generally fall into three broad categories:
  • Scan business cards directly into kiosks, trade-show registration systems, lead capture programs and other similar data gathering or surveying applications.
  • Scan business cards directly into sales automation or contact manager applications.
  • Scan other business card size documents to capture images of bar codes or other information.

Note: The CardScan SDK cannot be used to develop applications that compete with CardScan.

There are two versions of the SDK software for application developers.

The "Lite" Version will allow you to develop applications that run in conjunction with CardScan software. All end-users must have individual licenses of CardScan already installed, as this version does not include the CardScan program files.

The Full Version of the SDK includes everything you need to build a stand-alone application. With the stand-alone applications, you will either need to include a CardScan scanner with each copy of your application, or purchase a CardScan software license for each copy of your application.

If you have any technical questions about the SDK, please read our FAQs before contacting CardScan. Most questions will be answered here. Please note, the SDK is only offered with an English language interface.

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