Discontinued: Dymo Rhino Coloured Vinyl Tapes get the chop

Dymo are cutting many of the Vinyl tapes from their industrial (Rhino Pro) range, here are the parts affected:

18443 white 9mm - OK

18444 white 12mm - OK

18445 white 19mm - OK

18431 yellow 9mm - DISCONTINUED

18432 yellow 12mm - OK

18433 yellow 19mm - OK

18434 Orange 9mm - DISCONTINUED

18435 Orange 12mm - OK

18436 Orange 19mm - OK

18437 Red 9mm - DISCONTINUED

18438 Red 12mm - DISCONTINUED

18439 Red 19mm - DISCONTINUED

18440 Green 9mm - DISCONTINUED

18441 Green 12mm - DISCONTINUED

18442 Green 19mm - DISCONTINUED

So basically, all of the black on red/green tapes have been axed, while all of the popular white and yellow tapes will remain (except, bizarrely, the 9mm yellow) .

However, there is a good reason for this, and they will be replaced shortly with other colours.  I'll explain more in a future post.  In the mean time the discontinued items will become unavailable when existing stocks in the channel run out.