Promo: LabelWriter 4XL free when you purchase 6 boxes of the new High Yield labels

One of the benefits of the Dymo 4XL, the latest edition to the Dymo Labelwriter range, is that as well as printing much larger labels you can also rotate the labels on the roll.
Labelwriter 4XL

Changing the orientation of the popular LabelWriter address labels like this has allowed Dymo to squash far more labels onto the same diameter roll.  The 99010 standard address labels for example have 130 labels per roll, while the new high yield standard address labels (with the slightly less catchy code of S0947410) have 1050 labels per roll!  On a per label basis the high yield labels are roughly half the price of the otherwise identical 99010 labels.

This is because it's apparently a lot cheaper to squeeze a lot of labels onto one roll, than the same amount of labels onto a lot of smaller rolls - even before you add in all of the packaging costs.

So to promote these new Hi-Yield labels we are offering this exlusive deal:  Buy 6 or more boxes of the high yield labels (S0947410/S0947420) and get the LabelWriter 4XL printer FREE!

Just add 6 or more boxes of Hi-Yield labels (S0947410/S0947420) and a 4XL Printer to the basket, and you will not be charged for the 4XL Printer.  It's as easy as that! There's no need to send anything off or claim anything

30 October 2017  |  13:37

Hi there, is this offer finished, as I can't see an expiry date?


30 October 2017  |  13:44

Yes, it expired about 6 years ago.