Buy one get one free on Dymo Rhino 5200 kit and Rhino 6000 kits - is it really a good deal?

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A few retailers have started offering a BOGOF deal on the RhinoPRO 5200 & 6000 kits, which seems like a pretty good deal at first glance.

However, at the prices they are being advertised at it's currently cheaper to buy them on the previous 'free upgrade to kit' promo that this one replaces.  There is also the additional benefit of only needing to buy one - buy one get one free is all very well if you need two or more, but many customers are independent electricians, gas fitters, AV specialists etc who will only need one kit.  So for them there seems no point paying full price for a kit and receiving an extra one that they don't need, especially not when they can just buy one at a cheaper price on the previous promo (which some stores are still running).

For example, you can buy a 5200 kit from a certain retailer for £182.98 and get a 2nd 5200 kit for free.  Or you can go somewhere that is running the free upgrade to kit offer (ie. buy the kit at the normal price of a non-kit printer) for just £89.00 - Buy 2 of those and that's nearly £5 cheaper than the BOGOF offer.  And if you only wanted one in the first place then it's £93.98 cheaper, and you don't have a 2nd kit taking up space!