12th May 2015: Payment problems with some Barclays issued cards

12th May 2015: We've been made aware of some customers having problems with cards issues by Barclays. Specifically, during the payment phase where the payment screen redirects to Barclays to perform the 3D authentication checks (VerifiedforVisa / Mastercard SecureCode) they get the following error:

"You cannot access this page"

The problem appears to affect cards where the card hasn't been enrolled for 3D secure (ie. where card holders have resisted attempts to set a password on their card).  

There is no known solution at this time, other than to use a different card, but we expect that it should be resolved relatively quickly, otherwise Barclays card holders won't be able to use their cards online!  (This problem is not with our website, the same error will occur when using the card with any online store using 3D authentication, which is pretty much all stores these days).