labelwriter 450

How to: Perform a self-test on a LabelWriter 450

Performing a self test can help you determine basic functionality, such as confirming the print head in the LabelWriter is functioning correctly, that the label sensor is working, and that the device is receiving power. During the self test, the LabelWriter will print labels with varying line patterns. Broken lines or gaps on the label during the self test can indicate a problem with the LabelWriter.

This test can be confirmed in conjunction with the label feed button. Pressing this once should feed one label. If no label is fed,… Continue reading

Dymo LabelWriter 450 – User Video Review

Check out this cool video review by “Fro Knows Photo”….

For those of us in the UK the labels he’s using look like the 99014 shipping labels - incidentally the same labels we use ourselves.  They are quite large so allow plenty of room for your return address as well as the customer address.

The starter roll that comes with the printer are the 99012 labels (large address label) – He mentions these are too small for his use, but in the UK these are by a long way the most popular… Continue reading

Dymo Custom Labels now available in the UK!

Custom Dymo Labels are now available in the UK.  After a very long wait you can now buy genuine Dymo Labels in custom sizes, with your own choice of adhesives, and/or pre-printed in full colour.  There is also the choice of non-adhesive card for name badges etc.

Due to the high setup costs there is a minimum order of 20,000 labels, which is approx 40-80 rolls depending on the number of labels per roll.  This means it’s not practical for short run labels, but it is useful for customers that… Continue reading

FREE Dymo Labelwriter 450 when you buy a Dymo Network Print Server

This is a crazy promotion – Buy the Dymo print server for £79 and get a labelwriter 450 (RRP £79.99, internet price approx £60) for FREE!

So if you want an LW450 printer, and you want to share it between other PCs, then this is the ideal solution.

Working off internet prices (the cost savings are even greater compared to more expensive channels) a Label Writer will set you back about £60 (ex vat) and a print server costs a whopping £70-80.  So the total cost for a networked LW450… Continue reading

Dymo Promotion – Get a set of M2 Postal Scales worth £27 for FREE with every LabelWriter 450!

For a very limited time only you can get a FREE set of 2kg Postage Scales with every purchase of a LabelWriter 450 label printer.  Just order the LW450 and receive the printer and the scales.  For more details see: (details will be removed when offer ends)

The offer is only available for a limited time, and when there’s no more stock left the offer will end.

The new M2 postal scales from Dymo are ideal for ebayers and small businesses that need to weight parcels for dispatch.