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Dymo S180 Mailing Scales

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Determine the weight and postage for large parcels and packages

Dymo's highest-capacity digital USB Shipping Scale, DYMO S180 will save you time, money – and just maybe your back! This heavy-duty scale weighs packages and parcels up to 180kg (396lb) on its rugged 30cm x 30cm weighing platform. And its built-in, wrap-around handle makes it easy to carry the scale to heavy items – so you don’t have to lug heavy items to the scale.

The LCD screen detaches for convenient hand-held or wall-mounted viewing, and displays weight in an accurate, easy-to-read digital format (in kg/g or lb/oz). The DYMO S180’s “hold” feature continues to display the weight for eight seconds after you remove your item from the scale - perfect for weighing larger items that block your view of the display.

The tare function lets you weigh items in a container without including the container weight. And the automatic shut-off feature conserves battery power.

  • Rugged, heavy-duty, portable digital shipping scale weighs parcels and packages up to 180kg
  • Built-in wrap-around handle for easy portability – allows you to carry the scale to heavy packages, not vice-versa
  • Detachable LCD screen allows convenient hand-held or wall-mounted viewing
  • Displays weight in an accurate, easy-to-read digital format – in kg/g (0.0 kg) or lbs/oz (0.0 lb oz)
  • “Hold” feature locks weight display for ten seconds after package is removed – convenient when large package blocks view of display
  • Tare function – weigh items in a container minus weight of container
  • Automatic shut-off when scale not in use – prolongs battery life
  • 40cm x 41.5cm size (30cm x 30cm weighing platform) accommodates large packages

This is a heavy duty scale intended for weighing heavy items.  The minimum reading is 1kg with 200g increments, so this is not suitable for weighing light items.

Powered by AC adapter (included), 3 AAA batteries (not included), or USB cable (included) connected to PC or Mac®. 1kg minimum reading, 200gram increments.
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A set of very heavy duty shipping scales suitable for weighing large parcels up to 180kg.