New Product

News: Alleged Dymo Rhino 24mm Heat Shrink Tubing DO actually exist

Stock of the mystery 24mm HST products that were allegedly launched nearly 12 months ago have now finally appeared in the supply chain, and we actually have some in our hands!

Still no explanation though as to what caused the massive delay, and even now there still seem to be supply issues – only part of our order turned up with the rest still on back order.  Here’s hoping that the backorder doesn’t take another 12 months…

NEW: Dymo LabelManager 280 – Mid range USB connected Label Maker

Dymo have just launched the newest printer in the LabelManager range – the LM280.  It fits between the LM260P (adding USB connectivity, and a few forgettable features) and the LM420P (but without the capability for 19mm tapes).

So really there’s not much to recommend it over the existing printers in the range.  If you need the USB capability but aren’t prepared to pay a lot more for the 420P and can do without 19mm tape then this is for you.  Otherwise the cheaper LM260P is… Continue reading

New: Dymo’s first Wireless Label Printer! (Dymo PnP)

Dymo have just launched their very first wireless printer (who said “about damn time”? quiet at the back!) – the Dymo PnP Wireless (Plus and Play).

This is very similar indeed to the old PnP labeller except it’s now wireless, and it has an automatic cutter – which are two useful improvements over the last one.  Though having said that the USB version got it’s power through the USB cable – so it had one wire going to it.  Now however it has to get it’s power from… Continue reading

Dymo Custom Labels now available in the UK!

Custom Dymo Labels are now available in the UK.  After a very long wait you can now buy genuine Dymo Labels in custom sizes, with your own choice of adhesives, and/or pre-printed in full colour.  There is also the choice of non-adhesive card for name badges etc.

Due to the high setup costs there is a minimum order of 20,000 labels, which is approx 40-80 rolls depending on the number of labels per roll.  This means it’s not practical for short run labels, but it is useful… Continue reading

New Dymo Rhino Coloured Vinyl Tapes

Dymo have launched a new range of coloured Vinyl labels, for their professional RhinoPRO Range of labellers, to meet various US/European standards, here is the full list of the new products with part numbers:

White on Red RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805416
19mm 1805422
24mm 1805429

White On Green RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805414
19mm 1805420
24mm 1805426

White On Brown RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805412
19mm 1805418
24mm 1805424

White On Grey RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805413
19mm 1805419
24mm 1805425

White On Purple RhinoPRO Vinyl Label
12mm 1805415… Continue reading