FAQ: Is there a wireless Label Printer?

Q) Is there a wireless label printer in the Dymo range?

A) If you’re talking about die cut labellers (eg. barcode labels, address labels etc) then no, none of the LabelWriter range are wireless – in fact they don’t even have wired networking, they’re all USB only.

There is a Dymo print server which allows you to connect the Labelwriters to a wired network, but there is no equivalent wireless product.  There may be a 3rd party solution, and if anyone knows of one please let us… Continue reading

FAQ: Can users share the address book when using the Labelwriter via a Dymo Print Server?

Q. Can users share the address book when using the Labelwriter via a Dymo Print Server?

A. Yes. The print server allows the Labelwriter printer to be shared between multiple network PC’s, each of which will need to have the Dymo Label Software installed in order to print labels to the machine.

If a shared address book is required then simply do the following:

  1. On the first PC create an address book on a shared network drive that all users can access (Address Book > New)
  2. On all of… Continue reading

FAQ: What is the approx package size/weight for an M1011?

Q.   We need to export a number of M1011′s, what is the approx package size/weight for shipping so we can get a shipping cost estimate?

A.   An individual embosser has a total weight including case and accessories of  approx 1.9kg, and the case is approx 130x140x315mm (excludes packaging).  The M1011′s come packed in 3 by default and the box weight/size including the packaging is 5.8kg and 150x320x390mm.

How to perform a self-test on a Labelwriter 400 / 450 series label printer

Performing a self test can help you determine if the print head in the LabelWriter is functioning properly. During the self test, the LabelWriter will print labels with varying line patterns. Broken lines or gaps on the label during the self test can indicate a problem with the LabelWriter.

LabelWriter 400 or 450 Series Including the Duo and Twin Turbo

  1. Ensure the LabelWriter is powered on (solid blue light on the front of the LabelWriter) with labels currently loaded.
  2. Press and hold down on the form feed button, after about… Continue reading

FAQ: Can I print to a LabelWriter from an iPad?

We are implementing a check in system and there is a mobile option available to be used with iPads. The company says the labelwriters won’t print from an iPad. I find this a little hard to believe with all the advances in technology we have. Can it be done? Is there a special app to get around the system? Or is there a way to connect our labelwriters to the iPad?

There are two problems here.  Firstly, the iPad prints using AirPrint and the printer must support this (the… Continue reading