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Dymo LabelManager 160 Tape Bundles – 50% off the labels!

Dymo LabelManager 160 Promo

Dymo Label Printers have a new promotion running on the brand new Dymo LabelManager 160 label maker (which replaces the now discontinued LabelManager 120p).

As well as offering the labelmaker at a low price, you can also bundle the printer with various packs of 3 labels.  When you purchase the label bundle with the LM160 you save 50% on the labels – which is a great deal if you’ve seen the price of labels recently!

There are various different label bundles made up of the 3 most popular colours… Continue reading

Dymo LabelWriter “Free upgrade to Turbo” promotion

Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo

Dymo Label Printers are currently offering a “free upgrade” promotion whereby customers can buy the faster Labelwriter 450 Turbo for the same price as the standard Labelwriter 450, a saving of around £25 (inc vat) over the regular Turbo Price.

The idea of the promotion is that if you buy a standard you get upgraded to the Turbo for free – In practice though the Turbo price has simply been reduced to the same price as the standard, as some customers specifically want the standard rather than the Turbo… Continue reading

Dymo Label is not listed in Dymo Label Software

While all labels sold by DYMO are supported in DLS, some are not listed by their part numbers.

Selecting the Appropriate Label File in DLS 7

  • Find the dimensions of the labels you are currently using with the LabelWriter. This information can be found on the packaging the labels came in.
  • Open DLS, click File, select New and choose the corresponding label file from the list. The dimensions of the label you select from this list should match the dimensions listed on the packaging.

Selecting the Appropriate Label File… Continue reading

Dymo LetraTAG Iron-on tape – Usage instructions

DYMO LetraTag IRON-ON Fabric Label – Manufacturers Usage Instructions

Note: Be sure to test the iron-on label on a fabric you wish to use prior to final application on the item. Irons will vary in temperature settings by a few degrees, please do a test label to determine the optimum setting for your iron to adhere the label.

Attaching the Label

For best results, attach the label to garments with smooth surfaces made from 100% linen, 100% cotton or cotton and polyester blends. Not recommended for silk, wool or 100%… Continue reading

Too many labels come out of the LabelWriter when trying to print

The LabelWriter has a photocell or optical sensor to detect the beginning and the end of a label. This sensor, in conjunction with the labels and the printer mechanism determine how far a label advances during printing. The problem may be caused by:

The label
1. Make sure DYMO labels are being used and that there is an oval hole between each label. Only DYMO labels are LabelWriter compatible.
2. Make sure the oval hole between each label is at the left side in the LabelWriter.

The optical sensor… Continue reading